Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality – Air Quality Awards

The Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality presented the Centre for Low Emission Construction (CLEC) with the award for the Best Air Quality Strategy in recognition of their work with the construction industry in reducing emissions produced by off-grid power generation. The award ceremony took place during the Fleet Vision International Gala Dinner, held at the Banking Hall in the City of London on 27th April 2023.

CLEC work with multiple partners, conducting real-world emission reduction trials on construction sites, and providing independent scientific evidence to demonstrate innovation that is helping the industry to overcome the huge challenges of decarbonisation and net-zero transition.

This cutting-edge research will have a far-reaching impact for public health, not only as carcinogenic emissions are removed from the air reducing worker and local residents’ exposure, but the technology will be adapted for use in other machines, further reducing diesel combustion and its contribution to climate change.