Dr Queenie Chan


School of Public Health, Imperial College London

Queenie’s research focuses on epidemiology and translational medicine.  She works with the multidisciplinary research teams in biostatistical methods for epidemiological data analysis and application of metabonomics to large-scale studies.  For Theme III of the National Institute for Health and Care Research National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) HPRU, part of her role is to investigate the pathway linking air pollution exposure at various levels and sources (PM2.5, black carbon, nitrogen dioxide) and disease risk from epidemiological and experimental (chamber) studies, and to establish whether exposure to pollutant components is associated with increased cardio-pulmonary disease risk, including gene methylation and metabolic phenotyping.

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EEH Themes:

Theme III Project 1: Understanding key molecular events following pollutant exposure


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