Professor Catherine Hawrylowicz

Dr Catherine Hawrylowicz

Theme III Co-Lead

King’s College London
Professor Catherine Hawrylowicz is head of the Peter Gorer Department of Immunobiology at King’s College London and co-director of the Asthma UK Centre for Allergic Mechanisms in Asthma. She is KCL lead for the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) HPRU in Environmental Exposures and Health, and deputy lead for Theme III, Biomarkers of exposure and effect.  She is a human immunologist, and her research interests aim to understand the impact of environmental exposures such as particulate matter air population on immune function relevant for respiratory heath and changes linked to chronic airway disease. This work further addresses the capacity of vitamin D to counter the detrimental impact of air pollution on human immunity throughout the life course.

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Theme III Project 3: The role of AhR in Asthma


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