Dr Valentina Guercio


UK Health Security Agency

Dr Valentina Guercio works at the UK Health Security Agency as a senior environmental scientist. After obtaining her PhD she worked for 6 years as a research fellow at the University of Milan and Mario Negri Institute in Milano. Her research interests are in the epidemiology of cancer and other chronic diseases and the identification of the major risk factors, including air pollution and environmental chemicals. This has been done by carrying out observational studies and systematic reviews and meta-analyses. She was also involved in national and international projects that aimed to combine the epidemiological and toxicological evidence in order to establish a causal relationship between exposures and outcomes.

EEH Themes:

Theme 2 Project 1: Air pollution and adverse birth outcomes

Theme 2 Project 2: Air Pollution/impacts on the brain across the life course

Theme IV Project 6: Air pollution and infertility


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