Dr Matthew Wright


UK Health Security Agency

Dr Matthew Wright is a Senior Aerosol Scientist within the Nanoparticle Inhalation Research Group, Toxicology Department, UK Health Security Agency. His main area of research involves studies on the aerosol characteristics, composition, lung deposition and toxicological effects associated with exposure to a range of agents including aerosolised carbon nanotubes, e-cigarette aerosol, nanoparticle-enabled consumer products and 3D printing emissions. He is partly responsible for the design, maintenance, operation and data analysis associated with aerosol generation, measurement instrumentation, and in vitro and in vivo exposure systems.Matthew previously worked as Senior Research Associate in the Atmospheric Chemistry Research Group, University of Bristol, having obtained Ph.D. (2011) and M.Sci. (2004) degrees in Physics, also at Bristol, where  research focused on a range of topics including submicron and ultrafine aerosol size distributions in urban, rural, indoor and transport environments, development of gas and aerosol tracer technologies to study dispersion (including infiltration into buildings) and chemical reactivity in the urban atmosphere. Whilst at Bristol he was also involved in studies involving air pollution measurements in a SE Asian megacity (Bangkok, Thailand), ambient aerosol electric charge state and the potential influence on lung deposition in human volunteers, and the relationship between air ions, aerosols and atmospheric electricity in urban and other environments.

Matthew has been involved with a number of outreach activities to share the group’s research with the public, including New Scientist Live and Oxford Ideas Festival, and is active within the UK Health Security Agency on the  Environmental Sustainability Champions Group. He has also  been an active member of the Aerosol Society throughout his postgraduate and postdoctoral career, and has served on the Committee for several years, most recently taking up the role of Treasurer in November 2020, and as a member of the Institute of Physics.

EEH Themes:

Theme I Project 4: Assessing (nano) particle exposures from consumer products including those using advanced materials

Theme III Project 4: E-cigerettes toxicity and health effects from second-hand exposures

Theme IV Project 2: Microplastics and health


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