Dr Martin Leonard

Dr Martin Leonard

Theme III Co-Lead

UK Health Security Agency

Dr Martin Leonard obtained his PhD in Pharmacology in 2000 from University College Dublin, Ireland. He has over 15 years’ experience as a toxicologist focussed to developing and improving on models and methods for assessment of toxicological hazard, including in vivo approaches, high content omics technology and iPSC in vitro models of the airway. He is a European registered toxicologist and currently holds a position as principal toxicologist at UK Health Security Agency directing research into the mechanisms of chemical, particulate and allergen hazard associated with asthma and allergic airway disease. Martin has published extensively in the fields of toxicology, cell biology and Immunology.

EEH Themes:

Theme 3 Project 3: The role of the AhR in Asthma

Theme 3 Project 5: Improved in vitro systems for evaluating and comparing inhalation toxicity of air pollutions including NO2 and PM2.5

Theme 3 Project 6: Use of improved in vitro systems to evaluate the mechanisms of toxicity and their relative significance


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