Dr Liza Selley

Dr Liza Selley


MRC Toxicology Unit, Cambridge
Dr Liza Selley holds a UKRI Rutherford Fellowship at the MRC Toxicology Unit, University of Cambridge. As a mechanistic toxicologist, her work seeks to identify the pathways that underlie adverse responses to air pollutant exposure in humans.

Liza began her research in 2013, whilst completing her PhD at Imperial College, London. These studies included a year of training with the Environmental Research Group as part of an In Vitro Toxicology society funded mini fellowship. Currently her projects focus on aviation emissions, brake wear particles and wood smoke, exploring how these pollutants affect cellular functions and susceptibility to infection.

Outside of the laboratory, Liza is a keen member of our Public Engagement team. She has participated in educational events and appeared as a guest expert for national TV, radio, podcasts and Shambala festival.

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EEH Themes:

Theme 3 Project 1: Understanding key molecular events following pollutant exposure

Theme 3 Project 2: Health Effects of non-combustion particles


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