Dr Christina Mitsakou


UK Health Security Agency
Dr Christina Mitsakou is an Atmospheric/Air pollution Scientist with MSc on Environmental Science and PhD on the Numerical modelling of aerosol dynamics inside the human lung (University of Athens, Greece & National Centre for Scientific Research (NCSR) Demokritos, Greece). She has significant experience in health impact assessments and quantification of mortality and morbidity effects of environmental factors, development and implementation of atmospheric dispersion models and personal/population exposure to air pollution.
Christina has participated into several research projects whilst working in JRC Ispra (1999-2000), NCSR Demokritos (2001-2007), University of Athens (2007-2011), King’s College London (2011-2014), University of Cambridge (2015). Since November 2015, she has been working at the UK Health Security Agency on the health effects associated with exposure to air pollution.
EEH Themes:

Theme 1 Project 6: Indoor Air Pollution


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