Dr Atallah Elzein


UK Health Security Agency

Dr Atallah Elzein carried out his PhD in chemistry and environmental sciences in CNRS/Orléans – France, where I studied the interaction of gas pollutants on the surface of mineral oxides. Following my PhD, I took up a postdoctoral position at ULCO University in France where I expanded my experience in atmospheric science and air pollution and investigated the VOCs reaction kinetics and product formation using simulation chamber. I moved to York in the UK in 2016 and took up a postdoctoral position in WACL at the University of York where I focused on studying the chemical composition of PM2.5 in Beijing and Delhi and health risk assessment from carcinogenic compounds. Currently working at the UK Health Security Agency in the department of toxicology in Chilton-Harwell Campus where I’m involved in different projects within the HPRU focusing on health protection from toxicants in indoor and outdoor air.

EEH Themes:

Theme I Project 1: Human Biomonitoring

Theme I Project 3: Acute CO exposure

Theme III Project 4: E-cigerettes toxicity and health effects from second-hand exposures

Theme IV Project 5: Understanding exposures to toxicants from waste fires


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