Dr Alison Buckley


UK Health Security Agency
For the last 10 years, Dr Alison Buckley has worked as a Senior Aerosol Scientist in the Nanoparticle Inhalation Research Group which is part of the Toxicology Department at the UK Health Security Agency’s Centre for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards. Being a founding member of the group, she has been involved in designing and developing the in vivo and in vitro aerosol exposure systems which are core to the groups research and have developed expertise in the generation, delivery and characterisation of nanoparticle aerosols for toxicological studies. She has worked with a range of nanomatierals, each of which bringing their own unique challenges to the characterisation or exposure process: including radioactive iridium nanoparticles for toxico-kinetic tracing; metallic nanoparticles; carbon nanotubes; and nanoparticle-enables consumer products. Being a public health agency, our focus is always on materials with the potential for public exposure. Alison’s recent focus has been on developing capabilities in air-to-liquid interface, in-vitro, aerosol exposure and gaseous/particulate co-exposures.Prior to her role at the UK Health Security Agency, she obtained a MSci and PhD ,“The attachment of corona ions to aerosol particles near high voltage powerlines“ from the Physics Department at the University of Bristol.

EEH Themes:

Theme I Project 4: Assessing (nano) particle exposures from consumer products including those using advanced materials

Theme III Project 5: Improved invitro systems for evaluatiing and comparing inhalation toxicity of air pollutants including NO2 and PM2.5

Theme III Project 6: Use of improved in vitro systems to evaluate mechanisms of toxicity


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