Our Team

Eve Taylor

Investigator Eve Taylor is a Research Associate with the Nicotine Research Group at King’s College London, having recently completed a PhD with the HPRU. Her work with the HPRU investigates toxicant exposure among people who vape and or smoke, with a particular focus on people with mental health conditions. EEH Themes: Theme I

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Professor Kiran Patil

Investigator University of Cambridge   Go to external page

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Tom Fraser

Research Associate UK Health Security Agency Tom Fraser MA (Hons) provides wide ranging operational and business support to the Toxicology Department of UKHSA, including through his involvement in supporting the HPRU in Environmental Exposures and Health. He studied International Politics at Aberystwyth University before working in an NHS Covid Command and Central Operations team during […]

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Volunteers 2014-2015

  • Elisa Noël
  • Alessandra Rossetti
  • Mark Hopkins
  • Nándor Hegyesi
  • Tristan Thomsen
  • David Guzman
  • Raphael Gruber
  • Zoé Girard
  • Ellen Verstraete
  • Aaron Durey
  • Lucas De Wilde
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