British Toxicological Society Annual Congress 2024

The Annual British Toxicological Congress took place at Spaces in the Spine, Liverpool from 15th-17th April 2024. Professor Frank Kelly, Battcock Chair in Community Health and Policy at Imperial College London, delivered the Plenary Lecture. His talk, ‘Air Pollution and Public Health: emerging hazards and improved understanding of risk’ opened the 3 day programme.

There were also a number of sessions led by members of the Environmental Exposures and Health Protection Research Unit (HPRU):

Dr Miriam Jacobs (UKHSA)
Session: Regulatory Toxicology
Exploring current paths for regulatory tool development evolving beyond the extended one generation study.

Dr Ovnair Sepai (UKHSA)
Session: Silico Toxicology Speciality
In silico paths to chemical safety assessment.

Dr Emma Quartermain (UKHSA)
Oral Communication
Validation: Test method augmentation of a new non-animal test method for assessing metabolism of chemicals based on CYP450 enzyme induction

Professor Marion McFarlane (MRC Toxicology Unit)
MRC ITTP Biannual Symposium
Preclinical Models and New Modalities – a mechanistic focus.

Professor Anne Willis (MRC Toxicology Unit)
From stress adaption to off-target immune responses: the physiological consequences of modified mRNA in therapeutics.