2021 Update to the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Air Quality Guidelines (AQGs)

The 2021 update to the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Air Quality Guidelines (AQGs) is the culmination of years of intensive research and deliberations with experts across the globe, including 6 staff from the School of Public Health at Imperial College London.

Francesco Forastiere and Michał Krzyżanowski (members of the guidelines development group) and Dimitris Evangelopoulos, Daniela Fecht, Julia Fussell and Heather Walton (members of the external review group) all contributed time to the development of this highly anticipated publication. In addition, Martin Williams (image) was co-chair of the guideline development group before sadly passing away in 2020 before the publication of this document.

The ambitious new guidelines reflect the large impact that air pollution has on global health and confirm that lowering concentrations of air pollutants will bring about significant improvements in public health for people of all ages. The guidelines represent an evidence-based and practical tool that will provide critical input into clean air policies and regulation around the world for many years to come.